About us

Kompozit'all UK was formed to bring Kompozitor's heating and ventilation products to the UK and Irish markets. We became factory approved distributors in 2010, since then the product range has developed as has our extensive experience in working with Kompozitor's products. We make sure all our products are suitable for the markets and applications they go into. We introduced FuranFlex, VentilFlex and PolyKamin to the UK market, ensuring all test certification met standards set in the UK and Ireland. We are the importer, trainer, supplier and installation support for the UK and Ireland. 

All Certified installers are re-trained every year to update them on new product developments and make sure previous standards are met. Certified installers are also supported on complicated installations. Our 25 year guarantee is unique because the installation and liner are covered in full, for the full 25 years, our guarantee will NOT DEPRECIATE. All customers can also purchase an Insurance Backed Guarantee underwritten by ARK. This shows the trust that they have in our training and installation standards. Furthermore if a Kompozit'all UK lining fails we vow to be on-site within 24 hours to inspect the next steps.

Kompozitor was founded nearly 30 years ago on the outskirts of Budapest, Hungary. Initially Kompozitor began as an R&D institute developing and moving the technology of composite plastics forward. However using its unique knowledge of composite plastics they developed FuranFlex, a liner which is able to expand within flues and is highly resistant to corrosion. This product has developed withstanding higher and higher temperatures and more demanding environments opening new applications and markets. The FuranFlex product has led to the development of VentilFlex and PolyKamin, taking the same properties and adding to them to make it suitable for other applications. But as the factory state half of the product is made in their factory the other half is made on site and during installation. This is because FuranFlex and VentilFlex liners are flexible and only when mixed with the expertise of our installers does it become 25. This is when the final reaction takes place and why our liners expand from within flues.

Kompozit'all UK worked initially with testing houses to get our liners approved within the heating and ventilation industry in the UK. This meant working with BSRIA and BBA and all new factories and developments are brought to them, to check they meet the correct standards. Our liners are approved by HETAS, who are the official body recognised by the UK Government to approve biomass and solid fuel heating appliances, fuels and services including the registration of competent installers and servicing businesses. Only our installers are registered to use FuranFlex products and sign jobs of as HETAS approved. NACS - are the largest chimney sweeping organisation in the UK who we are associate members of, and will recommend our product for projects other liners cannot do. We have recently become RIBA approved CPD providers, this means that our network of installers and technical staff are advising and working with architects on projects throughout the UK.

We have nearly a 100 installation personnel and around 20 large and small companies certified every year by Kompozit'all UK. This is to maintain the high standards we set our installers. This certification allows them to offer the most complete guarantee on all FuranFlex and VentilFlex liners. This means all our liners have 25 in the name, because our trained installers make sure that our liners will last for at least 25 years. Check your installer is certified by Kompozit'all UK or you will not receive this guarantee. All installers have extensive support, with a technical backup which includes installation equipment and our manual. This support can also mean working with installers for complicated installs. As the factory states half the product is made at the factory the other half takes place during the curing process. Our vow to the factory is that if they get the first half right we will along with our installation partners get the second part right.

Midtherm Engineering partnered with Kompozit'all UK in 2015 to undertake FuranFlex25 and VentilFlex25 installations that were of a commercial nature. As with other installers they are trained, supplied and supported by us on all FuranFlex25 and VentilFlex25 installations. However their experience in dealing with commercial clients is invaluable in delivering large projects. This Technical knowledge has been called on many times in the heating and ventilation industry over their 30 year history. They have completed thousands of projects, mainly in the UK, but their most impressive installation was the six main flue systems in the Burj Khalifa Tower, Dubai (not a Kompozit'all UK installation). Our partnership filled a gap for Midtherm in the solutions they are able to offer to clients. Other commercial advisers are also attached to Kompozit'all UK and will consult on every commercial project, using state of the art measuring techniques for flues and ducts.